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Date Release Description
15 Sep 2020 World's first colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection using flexible endoscopic robotic system
03 Aug 2019 The Rise of Local Medtech Start-ups
03 Sep 2018 Developing robotic tools for surgery ( Business Times / )
01 Sep 2017 The rare startup that wants to put Singapore on the medical robotics map
15 Aug 2017 EndoMaster one of Singapore’s 10 best-funded startups
01 Jun 2017 Singapore medical technology startups target overseas growth
16 Mar 2017 EndoMaster raises S$20.5m Series B funding ( Business Times / The Edge Markets )
10 Jan 2017 Breakthrough in cancer surgery, thanks to crab meal.
21 Dec 2015 EndoMaster successfully completes animal trials for colon, stomach and oesophagus cancer removal as well as perforation closure.
19 Oct 2015 EndoMaster Medical Presents at Emerging Medical Technologies Summit.
19 Aug 2013 HOYA to Invest in EndoMaster, a Company for a Robotic-assisted Surgical System.
15 Aug 2013 Generating bright ideas in Singapore.
25 Jul 2013 Promising Start-Ups Funded.
01 Feb 2012 Experts build crab-like robot to remove stomach cancer.
06 Jul 2011 Singapore - Robot cuts surgery time for stomach cancer patients in trial.


Date Release Description
28 Sep 2018 Emerging Enterprise Award 2018
06 Jun 2018 Winner of HSBC's pitching competition at the Stephen and Stitt's Den
21 Nov 2012 Singapore President awards the nation's scientific talents.
20 Nov 2012 President Technology Award.
18 Oct 2012 Techventure 2012.


Date Release Description
01 Aug 2013 Feasibility of Full thickness gastric resection using MASTER Endoscopic Robot and closure by Overstitch? a preclinical study.
21 Jul 2013 Endoscopic submucosal dissection of gastric lesions by using a master and slave transluminal endoscopic robot: an animal survival study.
16 Jul 2013 Robotic Endoscopy: A Small Case Series, a Giant Step for Endoscopy.